Tuscan Artisans

Maglificio Beby exists since 1952, and it is today run by the fourth generation of "artisans of the sweater".

Inside our firm we have a great expertise and refine machinery, in order to completely create a jumper or a sweater. Our production cycle is totally internalized in our plant, which is usually visited by universities and schools, even foreign ones, desirous to understand the various phases of which the cycle is composed, from the arrival of the yarn to the final piece of cloth.

The first is the weaving, realized on the historical looms produced by “Cotton”, or the modern “Shima” machineries: the latter, with their electronic programming allow us to realize a various selection of knits, braids or jacquard stitches, ranging from heavier garments in finesse 3, to the ultra-thin in finesse 18.

After the weaving, the pieces of fabric are naturally sewed together with the linking technique, under the watchful and expert eye of the master knitter.

Once sewed together, the garment is sent to the washing phase, which is carried out in our internal laundry room, with specific washing machines, adapted by us for the cashmere treatment. This phase is crucial for the entire process, given that it helps giving the great softness to the cashmere we produce. The products used during the washing contain a particular fragrance, created by us specifically for recalling the aromas of Tuscan countryside.

The most delicate jumpers are dried in a wardrobe, where the clothes are hanging and they do not have any shaking, which is typical of the more traditional dryers. This piece of machinery is an authentic find of industrial archaeology: it is part of our process since 1960.

Our collaborators, with expert and technical movements, work on special machines in order to place zippers, buttons and create buttonholes. At this stage, if the item of clothing pass through our quality control, done on enlightened structures, which show even the minor error, the sweater can be labelled, ironed, packaged and shipped out.

Our structure, artisan and flexible, allows us to realize even tailor-made garments, in any size, so that we can go towards a demanding clientele.


Casheart has its roots in a family of artisans, Cangioli, which since the first to the fourth generation, hands down the Italian textile art. A tradition that strengthened during the time, raising till the elaboration of the most noble yarn: Cashmere.

This virtuous path was possible thanks also to the territory where casheart was born and evolved: the Tuscan textile district.

Precisely in these areas, since the Middle Ages, were realized manufacts sold all over Europe.

Wearing Casheart means history, passion and Tuscan tradition, and most of all it means wearing certified made In Italy, a certification that means more than any label.

Casheart’s garments are ideated, designed and realized exclusively inside our plant, in Italy.
They are composed by high quality natural materials, with a certification traceability of raw materials, and of every production phase.

Being witnesses of Made in Italy means also realizing clothes thanks to peculiar artisanal elaborations and typical traditional techniques.

The Family

Our story starts all female.
Indeed, Since the 30’s, Nonna Maria realized knitted garments on manual looms. Since these very first experiences, our artisanal factory has been constituted as an industrial firm in 1952.

The story of Maglificio Beby, where Casheart is born, is made by heart and love!

During the decades, indeed, there have been numerous investments and modernizations, which allowed the firm to maintain an artisan workforce in an industrial dimension. Many luxury brands turned to Maglificio Beby for their production, and this allowed us to refine our productive capacities.

We created our own luxury brand Casheart with the goal of offering precious cashmere garments with accessible prices to our clients, always guaranteeing the quality and the honesty that always distinguished Maglificio Beby.

Today we are at our 4th generation: Fausto, his wife Stefania and their son and daughter, Alessandro and Maria Giulia continue with determination a job with artisanal characteristics, characterized by the quality of the productive process, which perfectly matches with a greatly precious yearn like Cashmere.

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